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D. Marque Hall gives all the glory to God. With a deep connection to his ancestors , who made great scarifies so we all can have the numerous gifts we have today.  Many gave their lives and made great contributions to Society and Black History.  The passionate desire to share this information with the youth is what drives the young artist Hall. ” A people without a knowledge of their history  are like a tree without roots”, Marcus Garvey .  Since Creating the Black lives Matter , Black is beautiful, And We are all Remarkable Coloring books for children and adults,  Hall says “he is just getting started”.  He plans to keep up the good fight for a positive change using his artistic gifts and perspectives from an Afro centered point of view.  Hall Travels Speaking about his journey in life overcoming adversity and rising above the stigma attached to ex offenders. Hall believes that the “War on Drugs” targeted the impoverished blacks in america, and that the Mis- Education or Under Education of those youth are reflected in the schools to prison pipelines that affects the black communities disproportionately!

“What is a tree without roots ,but dead and thrown into the fire ” D. Marque Hall.   As Returning Citizen turned Author/Artist as well as an elite-class USA amateur boxer  ,Hall plans to become a professional in the sport of boxing  .  Following in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali and local Legend “Smokin Loe ” Joe Frazier . Hall wants to give back to the youth an Inspire the Greatness within them.  “Marginalized from birth in society, Our greatness is hidden from US in Schools, literature,arts, science & engineering Etc……. We must Inspire each other & We must Teach Each other about ourselves” Hall .

Hall believes we all must combat the ignorance, racism, and injustice to inspire the the Black Greatness together, with Oneness and strength of a collective force for a true change in the world.

UPDATE: Davon “D” Marque Hall Ran for Wilmington Delaware 3rd District City Council ,He continues to work for the community.


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