Black History & Heritage Celebration

One night Only Event at 403 w Baltimore Pike, Clifton Heights pa 19018 Illusions Banquet Hall . if you are unable to attend , Please share/forward the attached flyer with whom this may be of interested .

The Program will be a great way to celebrate Black History Month. We have The Great Great Grandson of Frederick Douglass as our keynote speaker. Kevin Greene Douglass , A military man following in the footsteps of his Great Great Grandfather. Serving in the army with 20 years of active service, before retiring. He is also a Member of the 13th United States Color troops TN. Douglass Has received numerous Awards & citations & medals. He is most Proud to be working with his Family .The Frederick Douglass Family Initiative, Together they will fight with the same vigor as their great ancestor, “The Lion that wrote History”, Frederick Douglass. The FDFI will Continue to fight to end Modern Day Slavery with the goal of abolishing it World Wide.

Also on Feb 16th with the Descendant of Douglass. We have a Woman from our area ,who was a participant of the poor people’s campaign as a young college student ,1968. The disparaging images on the television of racial injustice urged her to volunteer and go to Washington DC, after the assassination of Martin Luther King . She was assigned to the publicity and media aspects, but moved to other divisions as the needs changed frequently. She kept her many notes and news paper articles as well as many other documents from the experience . Many lives where lost. fighting for liberty for a better way of life for people around the country.

The Poor People’s Campaign (December 4, 1967 – June 19, 1968) The Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) was created on December 4, 1967, by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to address the issues of unemployment, housing shortages for the poor, and the impact of poverty on the lives of millions of Americans.It was not just a march , but with an extended occupation of the National Mall in Washington. Organized by Dr. King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference — and led by Ralph Abernathy after Dr. King’s assassination — the campaign brought around 3,000 people from all over the country to a spit of land that would soon be drenched by rains, and filled with wooden shanties and varied attempts at utopian do-it-yourself collectivism.

We have more special guest to share with you on Feb 16th. We hope you will have an opportunity to join us for this One night only Event.

Sunday Feb 17th at 11 am ,there will be a presentation by the Ethical Society “Learning from Frederick Douglass by Hugh-Taft-Morales with Kevin Greene Douglass making a quick visit before his leave back to Tennessee.

Location: Illusions Banquet Hall
Address: 403 W. Baltimore Pike
Clifton Heights, PA 19018

Date: Saturday, February 16
Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Phone: 267-251-6900

Cost: $10 donation

Special Guest: Great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass