Art is life changing for youth !!

      Growing up in Philadelphia was not easy for Russell .The streets became a way of life as a youth in the system,until prison changed everything. While incarcerated Russell Rediscovered his passion for the Arts and after his release he decided to become a full time  artist !!!!! With the support of mentors in the Art world as well as working with the Mural arts program.
     Russell Built an Impressive body of work that continues to get the attention of many personalities Activist & Celebrities. Russell’s work speaks to the problems in America and  issues affecting the Black community . Russell refuses to be pinned into one genre in the  arts .He continues to push the boundaries as he explores Afro Expressionism, collage as well as Avant-Garde bodies of work .  Russell is leading by example, that life has many opportunities for our youth . Finding your passion and let it lead you .

“If my work Becomes undeniable , then as an artist I can not be denied” Russell Craig

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